What We Do

Proprietary Technology Driven Digital Marketing & High Performance Creative

Lets Start With What We Don't Do ...

If your current brand partners are involved in any of these practices, they aren't just burning your money - they are damaging your brand reputation and consumer trust. The few leads they do generate will cost you more, have poor conversion, exhibit vastly lower than industry benchmark value; and demonstrate little retention or brand loyalty.

What We Do

Proprietary Geo Specific Compliance & Marketing Technology

8th Rule Media have the sole global licence to use proprietary technology that ensures content rich brand placements and calls to action are targeted correctly and optimised for maximum effectiveness. The bleeding edge software is robust enough to ensure 100% compliance in the strictest regulatory markets, while delivering the flexibility to maximise brand messaging and promotional marketing in other jurisdictions; right down to granular town level opportunites.

Content Rich Creative Digital Publishing

8th Rule Media is a leading digital publishing brand with over 138 online sites covering 178 countries and all igaming verticals. 8th Rule Media also has the exclusive rights to in excess of another 200 digital publications covering horse racing, greyhound racing, esports, casino games, sports betting, bingo, keno, lotto lotteries, and sports and leaisure. Many of the websites are among the market leading leading mastheads for their niche in their chosen demographic.

User Focussed Content

With over 40 years experience in racing, sport, betting and gambling; we are uniquely placed to understand the key factors that drive interest, education and awareness among punters, bettors and gamblers. Our approach is to utilise our practical experience to create high quality user oriented content that transparently provides valuable insights and information while still engaging and entertaining the user.

Proprietary Odds Comparison Technology

8th Rule Media have the sole global licence to use proprietary odds comparison technology that seamlessly integrates online to provide further conversion opportunities and enhance user experience and engagement. If your brand is involved in wagering in sports, esports, and racing our odds technology can facilitate higher brand awareness of your competitive edge in online betting markets.

Dominant Esports Exposure

The rapidly emerging eSports demographic is attracting massive interest among casual gamers, recreational bettors, professional gamblers and is penetrating mainstream media cycles and users. The resultant growth is drawing in vast investment from brands who are forward thinking enough to see the huge potential of online digital sports and igaming. 8th Rule Media were early adopters of the eSports buzz, and control one of the key online digital assets in eSports news and betting search.

Experienced Organic SEO Driven Results

Coupled with our unmatched practical experience in all facets of iGaming, the key personnel of 8th Rule Media have been applying those skills for over two decades as lead generators driving traffic to our brand partners though organic search rankings. In an ever changing SEO environment, our large network has enabled insights in to our approach to organic SEO rankings, that ensure your brands get maximum visibility for the rights terms that we know optimise high value conversions from our leads.

Inhouse Ui /UX & Graphical Design

We understand the need for fast, reliable, informative and accurate content. Consumer attention focus is being torn in multiple directions both on desktop and mobile delivery. Drawing on our own digital marketing practical experience and on page data analysis; our in house user interface, user experience, and graphical calls to action and stimuli are all designed to maximise referrals and generate real leads for your brand.

Horse Racing, Harness & Greyhound Racing

While sport betting has under gone enormous growth over the last decade; the data driven increases in market share are now underpinning a resurgence in thoroughbred, horse harness and greyhound racing interest as the same statistical modelling is applied to times, weights and margins where that data can verifiably obtained. 8th Rule Media have access to the largest private data repository in racing in certain jurisdictions, creating unique engagement tools and products that enhance your brands visible opportunities among informed users.