Our Vision

8th Rule Media owns and operates some of the leading online resources globally for sport, racing and gaming enthusiasts. 8th Rule Media is part of one of the world’s largest networks of racing, gaming, gambling and wagering sites competing in a marketing and corporate affiliate environment with increasing and significant consolidation, mergers and acquisitions.

2017 will be our biggest growth period to date. With a full-time staff of highly qualified journalists and writers, editors, graphic designers, and experienced, successful affiliates managing the team, there is no ceiling in sight for us. In addition to our current portfolio, we have over 120 other websites in various stages of development. It’s an exciting time for us and our partners.

The 8th Rule Media team is not your ordinary affiliate. We use our extensive experience, combined with forward thinking, testing, creativity, and a passion for our industry to deliver to the gaming public the best gambling resources on the Internet. While we won’t publicly discuss the things we do differently (or better), an experienced eye will see us doing things nobody else does. And of course there are reasons for the things we do.

New Image, New Brand, New Network & New Visions

Wild DogWe see our industry in a different way than most of our competitors. Although we are always looking to improve on what we’re doing, we have a sharp eye on the future as well. In our ever-changing industry, if you can’t see what will be happening tomorrow, you will be left behind.

Over the coming year 8th Rule Media will be rebranded and reborn as one of the major online players in the sport, racing, wagering and gambling space worldwide.

Our new logo represents the hunger, determination, innovation and ability to work independently, and as apart of a team; to attain goals and reach milestones.